Welcome to the research unit CEOC

CEOC (Centre for Research on Optimization and Control) is a research unit created in 2002 and a member of the Research Institute of the University of Aveiro since 2003. Part of the goals of CEOC is to carry out research and to provide advanced training in optimization, mathematical control theory and computer science; specific topics include: graph theory and combinatorics --- also algebraically approached --- and their applications to optimization, operational research including linear, nonlinear and combinatorial optimization, nonstandard analysis, optimal control and calculus of variations, computational geometry, quantum computation and machine learning. CEOC also aims at developping real world projects in cooperation with industry and service organizations, thus creating, spreading and applying mathematical knowledge. CEOC is composed of three groups, each with its own coordinator (PI), and is structured by a council of all PhD researchers, a coordinator of the centre (PC), a sub-coordinator (SC), a secretary and an executive committee, the latter being chaired by the PC and composed of the SC and all the PIs. The groups are the following CEOC has an International Advisory Board formed by highly recognized researchers on its main research topics. CEOC was graded "very good" in 2002 by an international panel appointed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). CEOC has presently 35 members. Twenty three of the members hold PhDs, among them are 2 post-docs and 2 collaborators; the remaining members are PhD students of research projects on algebraic and combinatorial approach to polytopes, graph theory and optimization, graph theory and combinatorics, minimum resistance problems, nonlinear optimal control, nonstandard analysis and topology, computational mathematics and computational geometry. Research within CEOC allows for PhD programs on algebraic graph theory (including spectral graph theory), operational research (including integer programming and combinatorial optimization), calculus of variations, quantum computing, machine learning and data mining, etc. Additionally, CEOC researchers take part in several international projects in association with foreign and with national universities, as well as in applied projects with industrial organizations. The former include Past Projects The two projects "Applications of Conservation Laws to Space Trajectography" and "Algebraic Methods in Graph Theory" are developed jointly with Paris-Sud University and, the last one, also with researchers from Technical University of Lisbon. The main applied project is CEOC has also been host institution to several post-doc students. Beyond a weekly seminar, where national and international invited mathematicians take part, often when visiting the Mathematics Department of the University of Aveiro for joint work, CEOC not only also organizes national and international scientific meetings and workshops, but also encourages and supports the participation of its members therein.